Chemtrail Spraying In Whangarei, New Zealand In The New Year

Updated on the 3rd of January.

There have been reports of chemtrailing taking place in Whangarei, both yesterday and on New Year’s day.  Chemtrails are aerosols, sprayed from a plane which leave distinctive trails, quite different from condensation trails, although they are often mistaken for the latter.  It is believed such spraying has been used for a variety of purposes, including weather modification and population reduction, [1, 2, 3].

Chemtrails have been studied extensively in the US, [1],  where they have been found to contain a variety of  chemicals, as well as live biological materials, [1,2, 3].  Research by Clifford Carnicom supports a likelihood of increased barium precipitates in rain water collected in areas where chemtrail spraying has recently occurred.

Posted below are photographs that were taken on the 2nd of January.  The first one was taken approximately 4-5 minutes after the plane flew over Woodhill, in Whangarei.  The second one was taken about 15 minutes after it had flown past. They show the same chemtrail.  The plane, which was heading in roughly a north-westerly direction, was described as being white and flew at high speed across the sky at about 8.45 am.   Trails were also seen on the 2nd of January at Maunu in Whangarei.

A former pilot, Geoff McColl of Parua Bay, who saw the plane emitting the aerosol said:  “What I saw coming out was far too low to be a vapour trail. I guess it was at about 4,000 feet.  The trail was coming out in puffs, as you’d expect if a piston pump was being used.”  McColl was certain that it was not a condensation trail, which are smooth and even.

Notably, the chemtrail overhead at Woodhill seemed to be being sprayed over a residential area.  The spray trail clearly stopped at the Western Hills reserve, suggesting that it was intended for a populated area.

There is a report from a reliable source that a trail was left in the same place, at the same time on New Year’s day also.  A plane flew overhead at 8.45am today, the 3rd of January, seemingly on the same flight path, and it did not leave a visible trail this time.  It did not look like a commercial aircraft. It seemed to be painted white or light grey.

To learn more about chemtrails, try listening to the lecture by award-winning journalist, William Thomas, titled What’s wrong with our skies?, at the link here.

The short news clip from the US about them here, this 5 minutes-long YouTube clip here compares contrails and chemtrails, and there is a chemtrails data page at the link here.

Photo taken on 2nd of January, about 4-5 minutes after plane had emitted the aerosol. The plane flew over Woodhill at 8.45am on the 2nd of January.

It is quite different from the condensation trail from a plane.  It stays in the air.

This photo was taken about 15 minutes after the first photo. It shows the same trail. Note the trail tapers off in the bottom of the photo-this was above where the Western Hills reserve begins.

The same chemtrail shown in pictures one and two.

It is easy to discern where the chemtrail and the cloud meet

The Western Hills Reserve is in the background. Although it is not shown in the picture, the line of spray stopped above this reserve. You can see how it tapers off in the second photo. The plane flew over the hill, in a direction parallel with Kirikiri Rd.

By 10.30am what looked like another chemtrail drifted across the sky. (See below).

At 10.30 am, what looked like another trail drifted across the Woodhill sky.


[2] Chemtrails – Delivery System For Dept. Of Death’s Toxic Cocktails

[3] William Thomas on Working TV,  A Lecture entitled ‘What’s Wrong With Our Skies?’


New Hollywood Film Covers Chemtrails: See the ‘Toxic Skies’ Trailer. It is Closer to the Truth Than Most People Realise

Toxic Barium In Chemtrails – What it means

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11 Responses to Chemtrail Spraying In Whangarei, New Zealand In The New Year

  1. Ray says:

    Chemicals to deaden the brain so that everyone forgets that John Kerry was in Whangarei to pick up his yatch .

  2. Nik says:

    Chem Trails ( although I don’t think NZ factors into this front) + CO2 reduction agenda + declaration of spiral in the sky black hole vortex technology in Norway when Obama got the ‘peace prize’ (uknow, the failed Russian missile test…) + implementation of making available digital/satellite communications worldwide in context of all other public utilities/resources being run down or privatized = ………………………………………….

    And remember, it’s not what you know, it’s why you know that counts.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    There are reports that radioactive barium has been found.

    Dr. McCain: “No, not at that time. I had collected a bunch of samples [of chemtrails] and, you know, we concurred pretty much with what Carnicom was talking about on his website with the barium and aluminum, etc., and the heavy metal poisoning. But also the barium was radioactive and we’d been picking up low-level radiation with the radiation meter when the spraying is heavy. So people are slowly being poisoned with radiation. This is why the thyroids are going out. People are coming down with all kinds of weird rashes. A lot of that is radiation poisoning.”

    Evidence: Chemtrails include hazardous barium compounds
    Leading chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom has completed a series of impressive reports citing evidence that our atmosphere is now saturated with barium compounds as a result of the military’s on-going weather and atmospheric modification projects. The presence of metallic alkaline salts in rainfall samples collected nationwide indicates that the atmospheric pH is being rapidly modified — most likely by barium.

  4. l says:

    i got a few photos of those chemtrails. there were a few before xmas as well, but i didnt have the camera then.

  5. jimba says:

    these people are on a collision course with destiny,they have refused the innocence of truth,and justify their actions as a remedy to solve over population. It is not man’s duty to resolve the problem of over population, he has only himself to worry about. Revenge is tenfold for those who play GOD! you cannot save me, I cannot save you,and we cannot save others unless they want to be saved,but,we can teach the TRUTH,if you know it. How many people really know the truth? not about the injustice of our everyday life,but about the revelation of our future,from the beginning to the end,and what will be the outcome of it all? How can you be saved?What must you do to be saved?What will happen to me when I die?What will happen to these people who try to destroy the earth and others.I do not wish anyone harm, but there are consequences for the hurt we inflict on others,its not karma,that takes too long,and they could come back as a mosquito just to suck yor blood on top of that,but swift old fashion JUSTICE,which does not belong to us, but to the judge alone.Information is given to verify truth,if it is truth you seek and truth is given, to say, salvation exists.What is salvation?it is the testimony and embodiment of all there is to know about LOVE.

    • jimba says:

      I saw the chemtrails also that day, and they sure weren’t any contrails, but something nasty. What kind of aerial top dressing is this,I ask? Not good in my neighbourhood, too close to home don’t you think? whose idea was it? I`d like to kick their asses from here to a cloud.

    • selah says:

      Wow, Jimba..
      what you said is true. And i support that TRUTH must be made known to all. The way you see and said things sounds in accord with what we are doing here in Auckland. I cannot help but wonder if you read the One River website on WHY, WHY, WHY.
      dub dub
      By the way i am planning to move north away from traffic smog …and now i read this Chem Trails thing,. i found a house for rent in Pataua area, will be driving down there soon to see this place God willing.
      In the country where i came from, these goes on alot on our skies and we are awe struck that jet planes are so powerfull in speed to emit this trails.?
      i like to hook up with you, do you go to church? Where did you discover this TRUTH?

  6. Lee says:

    Did any one see some clouds that looked like a chemtrail today? I saw one when I was walking kid to Whangarei primary school this morning, it was as clear as day.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Yes, I took a photo of one.
      Is this it?

      There is a good program with William Thomas, Clifford Carnicom, Mark Allin and George Knapp at the link here about chemtrails from Dec 2009, if you are interested in the topic:

      Award-winning Canadian journalist, William Thomas, who wrote Chemtrails Confirmed, and Bringing The War Home, has been out-spoken on the issue of chemtrails. He reported during that Coast to Coast FM show of December the 20th 2009, that he has been in regularly contact with a source who speaks to people involved in the operations, including in other countries. Thomas said that he was advised by this source, whom he has known for 15 years, that “other programs were being piggy-backed on the chemtrails-climate modification project.” In particular, he said that on some occasions, perhaps 1 in 100 flights, biowarfare simulants were and are being added to chemtrails, to make people sick enough to report to hospitals and doctors, so military researchers can track the dispersal patterns of these germs. The source said they were testing the possiblity of infecting entire regions and even “entire nations.”

  7. Katie says:

    Hi saw this link written on a pillar at Countdown carpark, good to know there are other people in our home town that are aware of this stuff!
    Anyone else preparing for 2012 in Whangarei?

  8. Clare Swinney says:

    Hi Katie, I think there are a few people who know that there is a sinister agenda in play. Not enough though are there. We are trying to increase the numbers at the moment.

    BTW It looked like it was going to rain before 11am this morning – then a jet came above the clouds and there is a split in the clouds now.
    Watch this YouTube regarding how the weather is engineered. I’ve seen the things Stevens mentions happening here in Whangarei, including the holes punched in the base of thunder clouds, which reduces the likelihood that it will rain.

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