New Zealand Climate Realists’ Against ETS Wish List For 2010

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Sheep and beef farmers, Neil and Esther Henderson of Te Karaka, Gisborne are not your average Kiwi couple. These two, who were new to political activism in 2009, felt so strongly that an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) should not be adopted in New Zealand, that they initiated a website and organised a petition which was presented to parliament. They have also been educating the public about the ETS and climate change, and thus far have spent close to $10,000 of their own money on taking action. They say that while the ETS legislation has passed and it is apparent the government intends to initiate the scheme in July 2010, they are not backing down – not now when man-made global warming has been proven to be a lie, [1,2,3,4,5].

The ETS relates to a tax to be placed on every “greenhouse gas” released by livestock, industry and transport in the country.  New Zealand is the only country in the world to include agriculture in an ETS, [6]. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry website: ‘The ETS (Agriculture) includes greenhouse gases from pastoral agriculture, horticulture and arable production – methane from livestock emissions and nitrous oxide from animal urine and dung and synthetic fertiliser.’

Esther asserts: “We’re not going to sit and watch an unnecessary tax like this, a tax which climategate, amongst other evidence, has been shown to be based on a fraud, be imposed without putting up a fight. It will destroy the farming industry, and the economy. We see it as a terrible threat to the economy of the nation as a whole.”

The Hendersons, who spearheaded a petition against an ETS and collected 10,067 signatures which they handed to government on the 25th of November, believe climate change is natural and contend that an ETS will have no effect on global temperatures. Offers Neil: “ It will make people a lot poorer. The cost of an ETS is unsustainable.  At 15% below 1990 levels and $100 per tonne it will cost $96 per dairy cow, $66 per beef cattlebeast, and $12.85 per sheep and will be more in future if this is initiated. For example, if carbon is at a price of $200 per tonne, and the aim is a 50% reduction, that is the government’s stated aim, then this will cost $247 per dairy cow, $171 per beef cattlebeast, and $33 per sheep. Farmers will not be able to afford to maintain their herds and will opt to plant trees instead.”

It could eventually lead to the virtual end of meat production, and herd people into vegetarianism, which incidentally is one of the United Nations (UN) stated goals, [7].  Also, it may cause people to become malnourished, which is a goal of the elite also according to journalist Daniel Estulin, who for 20 years has investigated what the elite (who control the UN) are planning.  Estulin said during a recent interview that he believes they want 95% of the world’s population being poorly fed, with a low life expectancy, with no hope of a better life, [8].

“People need to stand up and be counted now, not wait until reality bites, as it could be too late to take action by then,” asserts Neil, who said he wished New Zealand farmers were more like their pugnacious and vociferous French counterparts.  “The Greenies were talking about aiming for a 50% reduction in emissions at Copenhagen, but I really wondered if they have any idea of what it would actually mean. It’s all very well for them to have these noble sentiments when someone else is going to be paying the cost,” he added.

The Hendersons started a website called Climate Realists in 2009, which they use to raise awareness of the costs associated with the ETS, as well as the political manoeuvring related to climate change, amongst other related topics.  They now have a network comprised of over 300 people from throughout New Zealand and overseas. Esther, who with Neil compiles newsletters, which they send out for free online, said: “Starting the Climate Realists’ Network has shown us that there are a considerable number of groups who are all on the same page as far as this issue is concerned.  They range from the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, through to Facebook groups, from distinguished scientists to politicians, to retired farmers, to rural people and city dwellers, and every kind of ordinary person in this country.”

In 2010, the Hendersons would like to coordinate their efforts with those of other groups and individuals interested in this work.   They would particularly like to hear from people who have workable strategies that could put an end to the ETS.   Also, as they find advertising costs prohibitively expensive, they would appreciate financial assistance in order to counter the disinformation campaigns Greenpeace and others have engaged in.  Says Esther: “If there was a friendly millionaire out there who would get in behind a concerted campaign to counter the scaremongering, their help would be much appreciated, as advertising costs are very expensive.”

As far as the issue of man-made global warming is concerned, New Zealanders have in many ways been betrayed by the mainstream media.  A one-sided view of climate-related issues has frequently been presented, and the truth often censored, which has made it difficult for those who do not use the Internet to learn about the truth. “We heard a program on Copenhagen on National radio that spent 34-minutes on global warming propaganda and only 30 seconds on the skeptics’ viewpoint. After Climategate, I was waiting to see it in the news and there was next to nothing,” said Neil.

In light of the often-biased presentation, and censorship of issues such as climategate and the decline of global temperatures, the Hendersons ask that people write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines, as well as write about the truth on blog sites to try and get the word out. The couple also suggest that people complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority when they see fit, on the grounds that news items are one-sided and inaccurate.  Refer:

In spite of the mainstream media, awareness of the real issues appears to be growing rapidly however.  Polls conducted in New Zealand recently indicated that most people now realise that man-made global warming is a hoax. On December the 8th a Close Up poll indicated that around 77% did not believe in man-made global warming [9] and an online poll conducted in mid-December by Coast FM, found that around 87% believed climate change was natural, [10].

Sadly though, regardless of what the polls show now, the government will likely continue to move forward with this deliberately destructive agenda, [11],  and not because they think the world is going to be overwhelmed by greenhouse gases.  It is because there has been so much has been invested in this con, on both a political and a financial level. It will be thanks to the assiduous efforts of people like the Hendersons, that an awareness of what is really at stake will continue to be raised to the point that virtually no rational person could agree to an ETS.

“We will continue to wake people up in 2010, and hope others will do the same, so that we have greater and greater strength in pushing back and resisting this tyranny,” says Esther, who said they are not trying to drive a wedge between the urban and rural sectors, rather they would like everyone in the country to unite against the ETS.

The ETS is due to start coming into effect on 1st July 2010, and the Hendersons maintain it is unnecessary legislation, that is based upon a lie.   They welcome input and ideas on what can be done to halt or stall this agenda, so feel free to e-mail them if you have any suggestions. Also, e-mail them if you would like to sign up for a free newsletter.

To contact Neil and Esther Henderson, e-mail:

Visit their website at:


This is a fundraiser for Muriel Newman’s NZCPR.  Climate Realists have published excerpts from a number of Dr Newman’s  excellent newsletters over the last few months.  The NZCPR exists by donations, and is well worth supporting.
The Big Day is to be held at Alan Gibb’s farm north of Auckland, it promises to be a very enjoyable occasion.  Check out the link below for details and registration.


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  1. rogerthesurf says:

    There might be global warming or cooling but the important issue is whether we, as a human race, can do anything about it.

    There are a host of porkies and not very much truth barraging us everyday so its difficult to know what to believe.

    I think I have simplified the issue in an entertaining way on my blog which includes discussion on the CO2 issue and climategate.

    Please feel welcome to visit and leave a comment.



    PS In my country a porky is not a fat person but refers to a statement or assertion of gross falsehood or extreme exaggeration.

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