NZ: Wellington warm-up for climate change clash by David Beatson 23 December, 2009     Forget Copenhagen. The next target for international climate change activism is Wellington. This week’s protests in the capital are just a warm-up for the big event in March

The largely abortive United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen produced one step forward in the battle to counter global warming: an agreement by 20 member nations to form a Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Emissions.

Billed locally as a New Zealand sponsored initiative, the formation of the research alliance was actually announced in Copenhagen by the U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak and, in the United States, his Department of Agriculture pumped out the news under the headline: “United States Announces Global Research Alliance to Combat Climate Change”.

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3 Responses to NZ: Wellington warm-up for climate change clash

  1. dave says:

    They have absolutely no clue (these mostly middle class followers of their own demise).
    Ten years ago, a lot of these people were protesting the wars and globalization on the streets of Wellington, and the green MMGW element was regarded as a weird fringe element.
    Let’s fight that climate eh, turn off all your lights and taps. Just turn it offff! (said in an annoying English accent).
    Hey kids, mummy and daddy lied to you, Santa isn’t real, NO NO NO NO! HE IS real! and I’m not ever going to think otherwise! You’re crazy! For once in my life I belong to a great big feel good movement, and I don’t have to think for myself anymore.

  2. dave says:

    Eco plants is a funny one.

  3. dstorm says:

    those warmists are fanatical though. fanatical i.e. fearful n need to save the world now with no questions or investagating. Young n dumb

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