US News: Snowfall Totals Broke Records For The Most Snow To Fall In A Single December Day

Another weather record has been broken. Following on from the record cold temperatures that were reported in Canada and Japan, WattsUpWithThat has reported that over 50% of the USA is now covered in snow  and that for many locations, the snowfall totals broke records for the most snow to fall in a single December day.  The Mid-Atlantic states were completely white on Sunday, December 20, 2009, in the wake of a record-breaking snow storm. The storm deposited between 12 and 30 inches of snow in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. on December 19, according to the National Weather Service.

The storm shut down the federal government in Washington DC, stranded travelers, left hundreds of thousands without power and sharply cut holiday sales the weekend before Christmas.

For more, go here:

Also, the artic-like temperatures and heavy snow in Europe have caused around 80 deaths. For more, go here:


Lord Monckton’s Report on the Climategate e-mails:

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