Stem cell treatment allows the blind the see again

DailyMail 23rd of December,   Pioneering stem cell treatment by British scientists has restored the sight of those threatened with permanent blindness.

The technique has transformed the lives of patients who have lost their vision through injury or disease.

The procedure has so far been carried out only on those who have lost their sight in one eye.

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One Response to Stem cell treatment allows the blind the see again

  1. I am not surprised. China is very advanced in stem cell therapy. Probably more than anywhere else.

    There are many other successful cases where patients have come from all over the world to be treated by one of the Beike Biotech facilities in China for autism, ataxia, brain injury, cerebral palsy, ischemic optic neuropathy, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease and so forth. To quote from the Beike website:

    “Beike is one of the leading expert groups in China for separating purifying, nurturing, and multiplying adult and most importantly – cord blood stem cells. Beike has been able to grow human organ cells as well, which will pave the way for future cures.

    Beike’s greatest strength and what differentiates it from other research initiatives is that Beike specializes in clinical applications. There are a lot of patients in countries around the world who could have a better quality of life and even extend their lives with the technology available but don’t have the chance because of politics, religion and bureaucracy. Beike’s goal is to help those people. Beike takes the most advanced biotechnological research in the world, specifically stem cell therapy, and applies it clinically at a rapid pace. Further details can be found at


    Jennifer de Lasala

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