Interview With James Delingpole – Journalist Who Played Central Role In Exposing The Man-made Global Warming Scam

James Delingpole

Today, Alex Jones, host of the most popular radio show on the Internet worldwide,, interviewed James Delingpole, the British journalist who has been authoring articles exposing the man-made global warming fraud.  Shortly after the Climategate e-mail scandal broke, Delingpole famously wrote ‘Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?’ for the UK Telegraph and helped the story spread like wildfire across the world.  Today he offered Alex Jones his opinions on the future of carbon trading, AGW lobby’s credibility, the mainstream media, the Internet and much more.

To download the 50.19 mins interview in MP3 format, click on the link here:

His website is

Alex Jones on topic of Climatic Research Unit Hacked E Mails & Data: Nov. 22nd, 2009, Part I

Part II

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