Record Lows In Japan & Canada, Yet Copenhagen Paved Way For Unelected Bureaucracy On Basis Of Global Warming

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While politicians were meeting to discuss an agreement at Copenhagen related to human caused  “global warming,”  record low temperatures were set in Japan, as well as in Canada.  According to Kyodo News, temperatures fell to -25 in Memuro, central Hokkaido, which is the lowest reading ever recorded in December. In addition, a number of cities saw the lowest temperatures of the season, including Sapporo at minus 7.1, Tokyo at 4.6, and the cities of Niigata and Miyazaki, where the mercury fell to 0.2.

Similarly, the Alberta capital, Edmonton,  recorded the lowest temperature in North America overnight last Saturday.   “Edmonton International Airport was the coldest place in Canada,” Peter Spyker, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told CBC last Sunday. “It was -46.1 [Celsius] without the wind chill. I believe at one point it got to -58 with the wind chill.”

In 2000, Laurence Hecht posed the question ‘Is a New Ice Age Under Way?,’ and referred to glacial advance being an early warning sign of chilling of the sort that can bring on an Ice Age. As he pointed out, and contrary to the picture of glacial melting we have been advised of, the best-measured glacier in North America, the Nisqually on Mount Rainier, has been growing since 1931. To see a list of expanding glaciers link here.

The record low temperatures, the well-measured glacier’s expansion, in conjunction with the research conducted by the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, which is now in the public arena, plus the recent report that Ben Santer, a climate researcher, had deleted sections from the IPCC report that stated humans did not cause global warming, together show that it is not warming as we were told it was by Al Gore, and that we have been subjected to an orchestrated attempt to deceive us into believing we were the cause of the non-existent warming.

The Copenhagen conference was in reality a front to establish a world government, not address warming temperatures. As Lord Christopher Monckton, who was reporting from the summit told Alex Jones yesterday, an “institutional framework” has been established that paves the way for unelected international bureaucracy. They have achieved it by stealth because what they in store for humanity is horrendous, [1,2].  To hear the related 51 minute audio clip with Lord Monckton and Alex Jones, (MP3), link here.

References related to global government:

1. Watch Endgame, a documentary by Alex Jones, (2007).

2. James Corbett Interviews Daniel Estulin, Nov 11, 2009.


Non-Binding “Sham Agreement” Reached At Copenhagen. “Rich Countries … Sought to Bribe and Bully Developing Nations”

Record cold, snow envelop Japan Sea coast

Alberta shivers amid record lows

Is a New Ice Age Under Way?

Wesley Pruden: Killer frost for global warming

Thank-you to Mike Rivero of for most of the ideas for this post.

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3 Responses to Record Lows In Japan & Canada, Yet Copenhagen Paved Way For Unelected Bureaucracy On Basis Of Global Warming

  1. Gault says:

    Mike Rivero is a great guy. There are many others out there fighting the good fight also. Maybe we can stop this scam and let humans be humans, without being turned into a slave.

  2. dave says:

    My fear is that when the “Believers” (and all the rest of us)start being taxed they will attribute this cooling to our/their austerity.
    See you deniers its working!
    I think they may be in deep REM sleep.

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