How The Climate Change Scam Got Into The Political Arena

Brasscheck I’m not a fan of coal or gasoline.

They’re dirty (outright toxic in the case of gasoline), their use gives excessive power to a handful of anti-democratic organizations, and they aren’t even as necessary as we’ve been taught they are (the original cars were powered by easy-to-produce and renewable alcohol and ran just fine.)

That being said, if we’re going to do something about being dependent on fossil fuels, how about an honest argument?

As this video shows, “climate change by carbon” is a carefully constructed myth, launched in the UK and championed by a weird alliance of pro-nuclear/anti-labor forces and far-left-of-sanity zealots.

What’s the real agenda?

Greater centralization, more taxation (theft by government), and further erosion of the sovereignty of individuals and local communities.

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