Alex Jones Explains How The New World Order System Operates & What It Is Designed To Achieve

In this two-part video, journalist and documentary film maker, Alex Jones of, explains how and why the New World Order system was established, how it operates and what those behind it aim to achieve. He explains that the United Nations is a front for the IMF and World Bank, which will now set up planetary government through the G20, and that in reality the Copenhagen meeting is a step in a process designed to undermine humanity, not deal with “man-made global warming.”

Topics: Royal family, Galton, Darwin, United Nations, eugenics, Hitler, environmental movement, global warming, Central banks, one-child policy, China as super power in 2010, year-round school, carbon tax, tracking, taxes on fish, chicken and beef,  planetary government through the G20, Copenhagen climate summit, ethanol scam, population reduction and more.

Part II and references, click on

Part II


Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after ‘Danish text’ leak

Fall Of The Republic – A documentary by Alex Jones, 2009.

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