Monckton From Copenhagen: Climategate Will Lead To Demise Of The Carbon Tax Dictatorship

Lord Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton, one of those currently exposing the man-made climate fraud at Copenhagen, spoke to Alex Jones today and said the whole air of the conference has the stink of a Nuremberg rally about it, with “Hitler Youth” trying to crush freedom of speech by chanting cult-like environmental mantras like robots. He said he found the conduct of the indoctrinated useful idiots, who know nothing about climate science or public policy, deeply disturbing, as others in attendance did he said.

Monckton also spoke about the fact that implementing policies, based on fearmongering and fraud about global warming, are already having a devastating impact on the the third world, as the use of land for biofuels has led to mass starvation and death.

He said he remains hopeful that the tyrannical Copenhagen agreement will not pass. They can not get a treaty he said, because they will not be able to get it through the US Senate.  Also, he said that investigations into the Climategate e-mails, and formal complaints to the police, will lead to prosecutions, so even if the Copenhagen agreement does pass, the global carbon dictatorship will not last, because Climategate represents the largest and worst financial fraud in the history of the world.

To download the 16 minutes-long interview in MP3 format go here: Lord Christopher Monckton Talks To Alex Jones From Copenhagen 10/12/09


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You can find Lord Monckton’s work at Science And Public Policy.Org

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