Joan Peros Talks About What She Learnt About The UN & Exposes The Fraud of Agenda 21

By Robodoon In this video, which was made in 2002, Joan Peros talks about her trip to the United Nations (UN) Summit in South Africa. She exposes the fraud of Agenda 21, Global Water Policy, Sustainable Development. She states that the UN is moving to ENFORCEMENT on programs that “WE THE PEOPLE” aren’t even aware are active in the United States of America, Global UN “Agenda 21”.
She talks about how the UN is setting up a global religion, this is something that Al Gore just addressed when he admitted man wasn’t causing climate change, but said we need to address it as a “Religious” issue, Gaia worship anyone? She also talks about how Agenda 21 was hushed and how hard it was to get info on it at the time. She had to be taken into a closet to be answered about it. Global warming is the excuse used by the elites to hoist the goals of Agenda 21 on to us.
The elites already activated the policy but never told us, today global warming, global cooling, climate change “global religion” per Al Gore…whatever works I guess, is being used to justify the actions of the elites. There is no doubt about it, the ruling elites have a “Vision”, they had already set it in motion, now they are trying to sell us the idea, but climategate is getting in the way. Truth has a way of doing that, getting in the way of lies.
UN Agenda 21 is our life time written down by the global elite for us. The global elite never asked us if we wanted it, but told all the other nations via the UN that we here in the USA LOVE IT, so that they would agree with it. Probably 90% of the US population has never heard of it, so once again the powers that be LIE to get votes for their social control desires. I know big surprise, rich people lying for the sake of “Business” Their Business…and boy are they giving the world the Business…to death.
The main video is about 40 minutes long, the remainder is Q&A. This was when I first started shooting video, so the camera work isn’t the best but the information is very important to all on Earth…unless you’re a rich elite.
How did this lady know what was going to happen before it did? Is she a fortune teller?, No she is not, she just read, listened and watched what the people who are hoisting this Horror on mankind, promote it and BRAG about it! The elites brag about this stuff to their peers, but when questioned by the general public, which it is designed to hurt the most, they simply lie about it. That’s one of their greatest powers…LIES!

Well here is the truth, filmed in 2002.

For parts 2 – 6 go here:

Artwork by Brocke Lever

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