Rex Murphy of CBC Discusses Climategate Honestly

Rex Murphy says: “Science has gone to bed with advocacy and both have had a very good time.”

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1 Response to Rex Murphy of CBC Discusses Climategate Honestly

  1. William Sparling CD MA AScT says:

    Can someone explain to me why the mainstream media here in Canada is not reporting dispassionately on the controversy regarding the climate change debate. The CRU has been shown to have manipulated (falsified) thier data and demonstrated a clear intent (some would call it conspired) to cut scientists who don’t subscribe to the “party line” of global warming aka climate change out of the peer review process. So, the question is, for the media, WHY? Has the media become so wedded to the “sky is falling” scenario that impartial reporting of facts is not allowed? What became of the vaunted journalistic ethics?

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