Utzon’s son signs up for September 11 conspiracy theory

SMH SEAN NICHOLLS Nov 25, 2009 AS CONSPIRACY theories go, it is up there with the CIA assassination of president John Kennedy and the faked moon landings. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, have spawned a cottage industry devoted to questioning whether they were the work of al-Qaeda and hinting that it was ”an inside job”.

Now a lead figure in the self-described ”9/11 truth movement”, an American architect, Richard Gage, has revealed one of its most high-profile adherents to date: Jan Utzon, son of the world-famous designer of the Sydney Opera House, Joern Utzon.

In a video posted on YouTube during his current visit to Sydney, Mr Utzon is interviewed by Mr Gage and endorses his call for a new inquiry into the September 11, 2001, attacks.


The YouTube footage of Richard Cage (left) and Jan Utzon.The YouTube footage of Richard Cage (left) and Jan Utzon.


”I think it is important that we get all the things on the table, all the different facts, and see what is actually right,” Mr Utzon tells Mr Gage. ”Because if somebody, they are indeed trying to cover something up, it is good to get it out in the open. Because what else would they be covering up?”

For more go here.

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