Children Under 5 Next To Receive Swine Flu Vaccine In The UK

PULSE 19 Nov 09  by Lilian Anekwe

Children under the age of five will be the next in line to receive the swine flu vaccine, the Government has announced.

PULSE The Department of Health ‘are working with the BMA and NHS organisations’ to extend the vaccination campaign to young children aged between six months and five years old.

Vaccination of the under fives will begin as soon as GPs have completed the delivery of jabs to patients in priority groups, the DH said.

GPs have already begun to receive their first doses of swine flu vaccine for the priority groups – people with underlying health conditions aged between six months and 65 years, household contacts of the immunocompromised and pregnant women, as well as frontline NHS workers.

For the rest of the article go here.


Should Young Children Be Given The Flu Vaccine?

ScienceDaily reported in May that a study by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found that children who got the flu vaccine were three times more likely to to be hospitalized for the flu.  Dr Russell Blaylock advises in part 9 of his talk on ‘Vaccines & Brain Development’ that’s at YouTube,  when the flu vaccine was advocated by the CDC for children in the US, infant deaths from the flu shot up.  Prior to this, infants rarely died from the flu.

You can hear the talk all in one here, or watch it in 10 parts at YouTube.

Finland’s Former Chief Medical Officer Talks Candidly About Vaccines & The Depopulation Agenda

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