Dr Russell Blaylock: Vaccines & Brain Development

For those who missed it,  here’s an excellent presentation by Dr Russell vvabdBlaylock from October 2008, that was filmed by Robodoon at the Radio Liberty Seminar, regarding vaccines and the impact they are having upon health.

Dr Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, educator, author and lecturer,  who’s been researching the effects of vaccines assiduously for a number of years and has delved into the topic in far more depth than the average medical practitioner has done.

Should Pregnant Women Be Vaccinated?

Ten minutes into this talk, which is in part II of the YouTube below, he addresses the matter of whether pregnant women should be vaccinated against the flu.  One of the reasons they are is because it was formerly believed that infection with the flu virus during pregnancy caused an increased incidence of schizophrenia or autism in the offspring as they reached adulthood or aged.


Dr Blaylock

It has since been established, using hard science, that the higher incidences of schizophrenia and autism were not due to the flu virus itself, but due to the immune cytokines generated by the mother in response to the virus, entering the baby’s brain and causing abnormal brain development.   Vaccination causes the same cytokine response, and the risk of developing these problems that are supposedly being avoided by vaccinating are instead increased in the order of 14-fold.   “I can not think of anything more insane than vaccinating pregnant women,” offers Dr Blaylock.

Should Young Children Be Given The Flu Vaccine?

ScienceDaily reported in May that a study by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found that children who got the flu vaccine were three times more likely to to be hospitalized for the flu.  Dr Blaylock advises in part 9 of the talk at YouTube,  when the flu vaccine was advocated by the CDC for children in the US, infant deaths from the flu shot up.  Prior to this, infants rarely died from the flu.

Not surprisingly, Dr Blaylock predicts that the scheduling of 150 vaccines throughout a lifetime, which is set to occur in the US, will lead to health to deteriorate like never before.

You can hear the talk all in one here, or watch it in 10 parts below.

For Parts II to VII click on

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

Part X

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2 Responses to Dr Russell Blaylock: Vaccines & Brain Development

  1. Joan Lewis says:

    I read the article about blood pressure and stroke . Someone needs to address the relationship of pain and high blood pressure. My daughter was given lupron in 2004 which destroyed her life.She lives in terrible bone pain with many of the side effects in the enclosure provided by Tap Pharmaceutical, and many that are not reported. She would get a very high blood pressure from pain. The doctors in Georgia would NOT read about side effect of lupron, they only wanted to give her blood pressure meds. She is an ICU nurse and they would not listen to her in fact treated her with a very low standard of care.Lupron I believe is protected by the politicians andFDA. Thousands of women have also been destroyed by this drug and there have be many deaths. Many times her blood pressure would be so high I just prayed she would make it through the night until our PCP was back on duty. The associates who were on call for him treated her like she was a drug addict. Not only did the doctor who gave her lupron for a condition she did not have, off label ( she had no uterus)her file showed her to be highly allergic to medications.We had to go out of state to Texas to a well known OB/GYN to a doctor who knows about the drug. Now after five years we find the doctor who gave lupron left a remnent ovary. She has been to many many doctors has even been band from Emory when we mentioned lupron. These bad doctors should be sifted out or be notified when they apparently are not up to par with their knowledge.Of course the first injection of lupron was a SAMPLE given to Doctors by the Company to market the product.Doctors in turn billed for the product.

  2. Sue Muncy says:

    Please keep me informed. Thank you so much.

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