New Zealander Takes Stand Against The Central Banking System


Brian Reiersen

Brian Reiersen, a 64-year-old Auckland bus driver, who formally owned a range of successful businesses, has started taking action against what he regards as an outrageous scam which has dragged the New Zealand economy into an abyss.

He kicked his campaign off on the 20th of October by submitting a formal complaint to the Commerce Commission, in conjunction with 22 pages of supporting evidence regarding the $12 billion a year the New Zealand government is paying out as interest on overseas debt, on the grounds that the money the government borrowed was created out of thin air.  This form of banking is by its nature destructive, as it can only lead into ever increasing indebtedness, he says.

While he believes the Commerce Commission should take action, he was not surprised by their reply, in which Diane Gibson, Contact Centre Team Leader, claimed the matter was not their responsibility.

Elephant SmallThe primary reason for making the complaint he says, is to make a political statement about a matter of huge importance to everyone in the country, that the mainstream media and politicians do not seem to be willing to talk about.

Reiersen, who has a rare ability to think outside the square, says the knack leads him to contact MPs to offer them advice,  some of which has been reported on TV.   His advice to them now is that New Zealand must start creating its own money, and stop relying on a source which does not have the people’s best interests at heart.  “Creating our own money is the only way we can end this virtual slavery of taxation and interest,” he maintains, which as this map of the public debt per capita for each country shows, has sunk New Zealand more heavily into debt, than many other nations around the globe. 

Kiwibank AdThe Kiwibank, which is New Zealand-owned should function as the Reserve Bank and provide 3% housing loans on all owner occupied dwellings in Reiersen’s opinion.  “We need to dissociate ourselves from the Central Banking system completely.  If we do that, I believe we can have a bountiful life in this country,” he asserts.

While he’s one of an increasing number who advocate cutting ties to the  Central Banking system, he is concerned that many in New Zealand are unaware a problem even exists.   As he puts it, there’s an elephant in the living room and the first step we have to take is to make people aware it’s there and “get people talking about it over the water coolers.”

To help initiate this process, since October the 20th, he has e-mailed approximately 500 professionals, including every MP and the editors of all the major publications in New Zealand, and he encourages others to do the same.  The e-mails he is sending,  include his complaint to the Commerce Commission, and allude to the stranglehold this octopus-like network has over the New Zealand economy.  They state that the largest shareholder in the companies that form the backbone of the Australasian economy is J P Morgan, and that J P Morgan is the company which created the private money-making machine – US Federal Reserve, in 1913 at the behest of the House of Rothschild.   In addition, he includes mention of Prime Minister John Key’s links to the US Federal Reserve and that Queen Elizabeth II is one of the major shareholders in the companies that form the backbone of the country’s economy.

For those who would like to learn more about the banking system and its history, Reiersen suggests you watch The Money Masters, which exposes the far-reaching plan the elite bankers have. They aim to create a world system of financial control in private hands, that’s able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.


Dr Ron Paul

Needless to state, even if many know the truth, it is still going to be an uphill battle to bring about changes – Reiersen knows this.  The banking system can throw its fake money around to get folks to do their dirty work for them.  WND reported a case of this happening recently.  Dr Ron Paul, who’s called for an end to the Federal Reserve banking system, sponsored a bill to bring more transparency into banking, which was  “gutted”.  Dr Paul indicated this bill was undermined due to the unscrupulous work of a legislator whose campaign coffers had been topped up by the banking industry.

“If a well-respected, long-serving American politician like Ron Paul, has so much difficulty getting the truth out, owing to the insidious control the banking sector has over the politicians, top civil servants and the media, we know we’re in for a long battle to bring truth to the people of New Zealand,” says Reiersen.

Nonetheless, he believes a revolution will come.  Until then he says this journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and his work thus far, has been one of them.  Many more dedicated marchers are required for this journey, so he’s urging others to join him.

To get involved or get further information, e-mail Brian Reiersen at


The Federal Reserve Lies about United States Notes.

Ron Paul: End the Fed, Save the Dollar.

Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, Banking and The Economy.

The Money Masters – An excellent documentary about how the Money As Debtinternational bankers gained control of America.

Money As Debt – A film that examines the nature of money.

The formal complaint Brian Reiersen submitted to the Commerce Commission is below.

Submission To The New Zealand Commerce Commission dated the 20th of October, 2009 by Brian Reiersen:


I wish to make a formal complaint to the Commission about the biggest scam perpetrated on mankind in general and all New Zealanders in particular.
I refer to Money creation by the privately owned Central Banks with the foremost being the US Federal Reserve.
I believe deep down everyone wants to lead a productive life. But under the current system for a lot of people the rewards are not there so many don’t bother and turn to welfare crime drugs etc.
Taxation in all its myriad forms and housing costs now take a huge percentage of an average working person’s income. Many people are on a treadmill and are having to run faster and faster to just keep up even with both spouses working. When I was a young man with a wife and 2 children in 1972 my around average earnings for the time were enough to support a reasonable lifestyle. We had no GST; and rent or mortgage payments were consistently around 25% of a sole income earners take home pay. Today families need two incomes and also many need extra government support just to provide food clothing and shelter. Why is this?
Governments printing their own currency instead of the Private Bankster enslaving every entity with debt would end this treadmill existence. Consequently I believe that this is the biggest problem that needs to be solved.
New Zealand’s terms of trade are basically in balance it is the massive outflow of funds for what used to be termed invisibles that is the problem. Principal of these of course is interest on overseas borrowings, but it also includes dividends, rents, royalties etc. 3 Billion dollars a quarter in servicing borrowings alone without taking into account private debt.
The Bank of England has recently created massive amounts of new money to support the economy, they have called it quantitative easing. THE US FEDERAL RESERVE has also created something like 29 trillion dollars (which is $100000 per person in the USA) to bail out Wall Street. No one can possibly believe these moneys existed before they were borrowed into existence as debt.

The private Banksters creating money in the form of interest-bearing debt is the biggest scam on mankind ever and it has lasted for in excess of two centuries. Solving this problem is the key to improving conditions for all humanity. The fairer more equitable society which would thus be created would incidentally eventually help solve most of the other social problems on this planet.

Instead of the government recently borrowing overseas to fund what were internal shortfalls in such as Taxation Revenue and ACC liabilities they should tell Bollard at the Reserve Bank to create these funds internally.
The days of these private MONEY CREATORS enslaving every country in the world with debt must surely be brought to an end. If the Governments of  each country were to create their own funds internally we can have zero taxation and 3% housing loans on owner occupied dwellings. Governments would only need to borrow offshore any shortfall in their terms of trade, or better still live within their incomes.

FURTHER of course we need to audit all existing foreign loans and all foreign investments in this country to see if they were made from some entities true savings or money created out of thin air by the House of Rothschild and their ilk.
I have enclosed various informations on the Reserve banking system and the people who control Money creation on this planet.
I have also enclosed DVD’s that explain everything far more detailed and eloquently than I could ever achieve. Please watch these and and also please obtain copies of these two books which are essential reading on this subject ; The Creature from Jekyll Island by E. Edward Griffin &  Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.
New Zealand needs to be set free from this Economic slavery caused by excessive Interest and Taxation.
Please do your job in exposing the fraud of Money creation and setting in motion a change to a more equitable way of living whereby all can prosper in this Bountiful country so all can reach their full potential.
I end this letter of formal complaint by quoting the words of Abraham Lincoln on the subject of Money Creation:
‘The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government’s greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles … taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.’

‘The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.’  Abraham Lincoln

For evil to prosper it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.
Yours faithfully,

C.C.     Reserve Bank of NZ Attn: A Bollard
Commissioner of  Police
Victoria University Taxation Working Group
The Speaker of The House of Representatives
Serious Fraud Office
Chiefs of Staff Armed Forces
The Banking Ombudsman
The NZ Law Society
Editors of All NZ Daily Newspapers

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4 Responses to New Zealander Takes Stand Against The Central Banking System

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  2. There is a huge awakening to this inherently fraudulent system, particularly in the US, where I am from.
    It’s imperative to do away with central banking. Allowing people to create money out of nothing at all and then being forced to pay interest on this, is the scam of all scams. It allows offshore bankers to loot.

    There are some excellent documentaries about this system. Money As Debt, The Money Masters, America: Freedom To Fascism by Aaron Russo and the new documentary by Alex Jones, Fall Of The Republic, touches on it.

    All are at Google Video.

    Keep the good work up, Brian!

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  4. Will Ryan says:

    Good on Brian for taking a stand, I love how us ordinary people can accumulate such knowledge to see past false alternatives like socialism
    Here is a clip of a chat I had with Mike Treen of GPJA.

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