Fall of the Republic: Millions of People Worldwide Take the Red Pill

The revolution is being televised as blockbuster documentary explodes onto the Internet, unlocking minds and dismantling the elite’s conspiracy to exploit the financial crisis to finalize their global government takeover.

Fall Of The Republic: Millions Of People Worldwide Take The Red Pill 301009top

Paul Joseph Watson  PrisonPlanet.com October 30, 2009

Fall Of The Republic has exploded onto the Internet as millions of people worldwide take the red pill and discover the antidote to the establishment’s lies about what caused the financial collapse and their agenda to deceptively claim that empowering the very culprits of the crime will solve the problem, as America is frog-marched into a tyrannical system of world government.

The consequence of The Obama Deception receiving tens of millions of views earlier this year manifested in the form of a key contribution to the burgeoning grass roots resistance that has dominated 2009, a nationwide movement against the big government agenda, as the globalists attempt to use their new front man Barack Hussein Obama to rapidly accelerate their new world order.

Now we are calling on you, the Infowarrior, to help us make Fall Of The Republic go viral and in doing do dismantle the contrived perception that only by surrendering to nightmare levels of regulation and centralized control bossed by an ultra-powerful architecture of global governance will we avoid another great depression.

Fall Of The Republic has the potential to outstrip even The Obama Deception in reaching millions more people, and early indications just over a week after the film was released are that this indeed happening. The You Tube version below already has over 300,000 views and this is just one of thousands of different versions that are floating around the web.


Fall Of The Republic will be devastating for the globalists and their agenda to impose a new world economic order and the cap and trade scam, but only if you play your part in getting this information out to the world! The film is already unlocking minds on a massive scale and smashing the phony left-right paradigm.

We have chosen to publicize and encourage circulation of the following version because it is encoded in the highest possible quality that You Tube allows and the full video is all in one place, rather than being broken up into different chunks.

Please grab the following link and spread it to the four corners of the Internet. In allegorical terms, this simple URL represents a devastating virus that can infect the mainframe operating system of the new world order agenda – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VebOTc-7shUFall Of The Republic in full is embedded below.

This is a call to action – the battle plan for getting Fall Of The Republic out to as many people as possible comprises the following forms of activism.

– Create your own video review of Fall Of The Republic and post it on You Tube, pointing people to where they can view the film for free.

– Call into talk radio and tell people that they can watch Fall Of The Republic free on You Tube.

Get the DVD and make copies, hand them out in your local community.

– Download the high quality DivX version at Prison Planet.tv and make CD copies that are playable on DVD players to hand out in your neighborhood.

– Send the You Tube link out on your e mail list, post it on forums and bulletin boards across the web.

– Hold DVD viewing parties and invite neighbors around to watch the film. Rent local cinema screens and broadcast the movie for free.

Some would suggest undercutting our own operation in publicizing where people can watch Fall Of The Republic in its entirety for free. The entire project behind producing the film cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the information contained in the movie is so important to communicate and the times so perilous that we want as many people to see this documentary as possible, whether they pay for it or not – this is our main mission.

However, we do need your support to allow us to continue to expose the globalists and this is why we ask that those who can afford it buy the DVD and make copies or subscribe to Prison Planet.tv where you can watch all Alex Jones’ movies in high quality as well as access daily archives of The Alex Jones Show. You can also watch live streaming video of The Alex Jones Show every day by becoming a member.

What People Are Saying About Fall Of The Republic

“All I can say is “MY GOD!!!!!!!!!” Anyone who can’t see the raw piracy and fraud after watching this INCREDIBLE film, is deaf, dumb, and blind.”

“Fall Of The Republic – By Alex Jones. Outstanding! One of his best documentaries by far!!! Beautifully mastered! Five Stars! *****”

“Amazing work Alex. Such great thinkers brought together for our enlightenment. Thank you!!!”

“Great movie. It is Alex Jones’s best movie yet. The production value is really high and we are seeing quality movie making again from non-fluoride drinking sentient talented beings. Bravo! I loved how Obama’s lies were exposed. It will make the sheep second guess Obaaaaaaama.”

“Great Movie!!! Thanks Alex, I cross my fingers that it wakes more people up.”

“Another AWESOME doc! Thanks A.J. AND CREW!”

“A Megaton Bomb to the hydra-head of the New World Order!”

“To put it bluntly, “THAT WAS f**kING BRILLIANT!” I don’t post often, but I’ve been a subscriber for several years now. THIS IS the film people should watch first. This film is easy to understand, presents clear facts (to which you should follow up on), and is edited/organized in a concise manner. It is definitely Jones’ best film to date. PLEASE make/buy copies and send it to everyone. I will be doing just that. I’ll say again that I think this is the film that people need to watch first. Then they can fill in the pieces with the other films and their own research.”

“WOW…..Alex totally out done himself… YALL READY!!!!!”

“Just finished watching it, this is by far the best Alex Jones film so far – a must watch.”

“It’s great. The facts and info just keep coming at you like machine gun fire. It lays it all out in as clear a fashion as you could want. Sure to wake up many, many people still locked into the controlled Democrat = Good – Republican = Bad/Republican = Good – Democrat = Bad mainstream news media illusion. Anyone watching this and paying any attention at all will come away with the indisputable knowledge of who is really running things, and what their plans really are. And just in case you’re reading this thread, keep making these films Alex. They will keep on waking up more and more people as time goes on. The trend of people finding out the truth due to films like this is not going to subside, but will just continue on until the “sleeping giant” awakens from it’s deep slumber. the mainstream news media will do it’s best to lull it back to sleep, but it ain’t happening.”

“Like taking a year of advanced US & World history in a few hours. The info war is working!”

Watch You Tube users’ reviews of Fall Of The Republic below.





Prison Planet.tv Members Can Watch Fall Of The Republic Right Now Online – Don’t Miss Out! Get Your Subscription Today!



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