Dr Gary Null Advises NY State Assembly on H1N1: No Evidence To Support Vaccine Use

Gary Null

Gary Null

On the 13th of October, public hearings were held at the New York State Assembly on the H1N1 influenza and the H1N1 vaccine. One of those who spoke that day was well-respected researcher, Dr Gary Null, who made it apparent to everyone present that there is plenty of information regarding vaccines to raise very serious doubts as to whether health authorities are really serving the public health, as opposed to commercial interests, where the H1N1 vaccine is concerned.

This is a great speech everyone needs to hear.

To see parts 2 and 3 click on:

Part 2

Part 3


The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex
the role of the CDC
By Robert Gale and Gary Null

Gary Null investigated the causes of Gulf War Syndrome.

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