LaRouche on Sen. Jay Rockefeller: Genocide Is NOT an Acceptable Policy

October 14, 2009 (LPAC)—On Oct. 13, Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s (D-WVa) comments at the Senate Finance Committee vote on the Baucus bill on IMAC and end of life counseling—including the case of his own mother—”were a statement that genocide is now an acceptable policy,” said Lyndon LaRouche today.

“Genocide is not an acceptable policy,” stated LaRouche. “It was not acceptable to us when Hitler was in power, and it is not acceptable to decent human beings today. Rockefeller’s comment is that genocide, in fact, is an acceptable policy, and anyone who is silly, will still us attack us for putting a moustache on Obama. Rockefeller’s saying ‘it is the moustache.’ And Rockefeller better talk to the President about whose moustache it is.”

“Rockefeller has lost sight of the fact that what he is proposing is genocide; that his policies are exactly those of IMAC policy of the President, which is why we put a moustache on the President—for his Hitler-like policies. If he wants the moustache removed, remove the policies, remove the Hitler-like policies. We are not going to be complicit in condoning NAZI genocide, and the President is, so far, supporting Nazi style genocide. This is also the policy of genocide of the former Prime Minister of Britain who is a notorious liar among his other qualifications.”

“The Hitler moustache stays on Obama,” LaRouche concluded, “though others may share it.”obamahitler

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