9/11 Was An Inside Job: A New Song By A 9/11 Truth Activist

Scootle Royale, a 9/11 truth activist who goes by the name of “Scootle” on the Prisonplanet.com Forum, wrote this superb song, which is both funny and poignant.  As you will hear 9/11 Is An Inside Job is a wonderful synthesis of lyrics and video clips, and it has a catchy tune.

Here is a link to download a WMV of it.

Lyrics9/11 Was An Inside Job By Scootle Royale

Wake up sheeple turn off the tv
What you think of as “news” is just a movie
There’s war going on and poverty
While they’re feeding you crap about celebrities

They simplify things to make you dumb
They’ll even tell you Saturn’s closer to the sun
The last thing that they want is for their slaves to think
That’s why they’re putting poison in your food and drink

Dissenters are silenced and never praised
Only the good guys are ever blown away
Give up all your rights and you’ll be saved
From the big bad bearded timelord in a cave

Islamic nuts don’t snort cocaine
No way could flight school dropouts have such good aim
Cheney must have been flying those planes
Through Ptech and Mitre and the FAA…

The truth will set you free…

Two towers fall symmetrically
Ejecting steel beams more than five hundred feet

Building 7 of the WTC Collapsing on 9/11

Building 7 of the WTC Collapsing on 9/11

Tower Seven falls at freefall speed
Reported in advance by the BBC

The perfect excuse to go to war
To gain power and control and kill millions more
Many other buildings have suffered worse
But none have ever turned into a cloud of dust

Explosions were heard throughout the day
Molten metal was seen flowing away
The pile was still burning after months of rain
And what’s the deal with this explosive paint?

Trains explode in major cities
Destroyed by bombs made by the military
The holes suggest they were attached underneath
God save our racist, Nazi queen

The truth will set you free…

Left or right? It’s all just a game
Two wings of the same bird of prey
Money is debt, I know it sounds insane
And the jabs you give your kids just damage their brains

The Nazi’s never died, they simply moved
and now they’re at it again, it’s easy to prove
The elite don’t hide the fact that they’re a bunch of crooks
Rockefeller brags about it in his books!

They have a plan and it must fail
Or they’ll be taxing us everytime we exhale
And there’ll be cameras in homes for them to spy on the slaves
Orwell’s rolling in his grave

They’re scaring us all into demanding this too
with terrorism, climate change and overhyped flu
The truth must come out, it’s all up to you
Before were all forced onto Internet 2

The truth will set you free…


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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3 Responses to 9/11 Was An Inside Job: A New Song By A 9/11 Truth Activist

  1. skyfind says:

    Here is the song subtitled in to spanish!!

  2. Paixducoeur says:

    very good – bravo!!!
    A courageous young man.

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