“Missing” Nuclear Weapons?

Brasscheck Two years ago, six nuclear armed weapons were attached to the wings of a B-52 bomber and flown from North Dakota to Barksdale, the USAF staging base for Middle East operations.

This took place in contradiction to all laws and all military procedures. Military experts could not recall a single incident of this kind ever taking place.

Two years later, the event has still not been credibly unexplained.

And of the six that were put on the plane in North Dakota, only five have been fully accounted for.

Some folks have short memories. BrasscheckTV doesn’t.

1. Live nuclear warheads don’t go “missing.”

2. The story was leaked to the military press by anonymous sources

3. The base the nukes were “accidentally” flown to is a key domestic staging area for the US’s attack on Iraq.

4. Several military personnel who would have been involved directly or indirectly in this operation have died under unual circumstances


Article from Global Research


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