9/11 Truth Cannot Be Stopped

TheCorbettReport By James Corbett  h

On this eighth anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. the movement of concerned citizens who do not believe the U.S. government’s official explanation of those events (the clear majority in poll after poll after poll) only continues to grow, emboldened by breathrough after breakthrough in their efforts to bring the glaring inaccuracies of that official explanation to the attention of the general public.

Perhaps no greater sign of the success of the 9/11 Truth movement can be found than the fact that the discredited corporate media has begun another round of ferocious and transparent hit pieces designed to sling mud at those seeking real answers to the still-unanswered questions of the victims’ family members and real justice for the first responders who are dying as a direct result of government lies. From Psychology Todays ridiculous hit piece insisting that skepticism about government explanations is a form of insanity to National Geographic firing explosives into a fiberglass chicken coop, it seems that the corporate media is becoming more and more desperate (and even downright comical) in their attempts to stop people from questioning the very 9/11 commission that has been called a fraud by six of its own commissioners.

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Flying The Flag For 9/11 Truth In Christchurch, New Zealand in 2009.

Flying The Flag For 9/11 Truth In Christchurch, New Zealand on 9/11, 2009.

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