NZ Govt Defers Mandatory Introduction of Folic Acid to Bread Until 2012

NZHerald Aug 27, 2009 The Government’s decision to defer the

Artwork by Brocke

Artwork by Brocke

fortification of bread with folic acid has been met with mixed reaction – much like the fortification itself.

Mandatory fortification would be deferred until May 2012, Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson said today.

The Government and bakers were now likely to focus on introducing a voluntary range of fortified breads.

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Folic acid and colorectal cancer: Chilean study adds to concerns

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1 Response to NZ Govt Defers Mandatory Introduction of Folic Acid to Bread Until 2012

  1. Lorraine says:

    This is the only sensible alternative. If women want to eat bread with synthetic folic acid added that is their choice, however I will be passing.

    I work with a woman who has just found out she is pregnant and the first thing her GP did was give her an adequate supply of folic acid for her needs.

    Shame we can’t get the councils to provide an alternative fluoride free water supply too. 🙂

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