European Court Ruling On Water Fluoridation Has Implications For New Zealand’s Exporters


By Doug Cross  of,  July 22nd

Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods! That is the decision of the European Court of Justice, in a landmark case dealing with the classification and regulation of ‘functional drinks’ in member states of the European Community. (HLH Warenvertriebs and Orthica (Joined Cases C-211/03, C-299/03, C-316/03 and C-318/03) 9 June2005)…

Implications for international trade in food products…

But the ruling also has an equally profound implication for export trade in processed foods and drinks. The Court stated that even if a functional food product (or a food containing it) is legally marketed as a food in one member state, it cannot be exported to any other member state unless it has a medicinal licence. So any company making a consumable product using fluoridated water in its preparation or as an ingredient cannot now export that product to any other state in the EC, even if their product is permitted in their home state.

The economic implications are enormous. Not only does the ruling ban the use of fluoridated water for all retail catering and wholesale food processing in the UK and Ireland, it also prohibits such trade from these states to other member states of the EC.

But it goes much further than even this, because if British and Irish processed foods from fluoridated areas cannot be exported to the EC, this prohibition must also apply to the importing of such products into EC member states from any other country that practices water fluoridation. The decision effectively bans all processed food products from countries such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, unless they can be positively proven to have been prepared using only water that was not fluoridated.


NZ: Whangarei Residents Told It’s Time To Think About Fluoride Again

On Tuesday the 2nd of June, the front page of  The Northern Advocate ran the headline Whangarei residents are told…It’s time to think again on fluoride, which was misleadingly accompanied by a picture of a dentist. ‘Misleadingly’ because while fluoride works well as a bactericidal agent when applied topically – which is why it is deemed useful in toothpaste, when ingested in drinking water it appears to be of little use where reducing cavities is concerned.

Fluorosis Caused By Exposure to too much fluoride
Fluorosis Caused By Exposure to too much fluoride

On top of this, fluoride is also associated with numerous ill-health effects which is why you will find recommendations on sodium fluoride-containing toothpaste boxes including the likes of “ensure children spit and rinse afterwards.”  Indeed, it is so dangerous that a family-sized tube of fluoridated toothpaste contains enough of the poison to kill a 25-pound child.

Plus, there is also significant evidence to indicate that fluoride impairs brain function and lowers IQ.  In regard to this, it has been suggested by Dr Russell Blaylock that society is intentionally being chemically dumbed down as those of lower IQ will tend to be more dependent upon government for their decision making and more likely to believe what they are told.

Dr Russell Blaylock
Dr Russell Blaylock

While Dr Blaylock’s proposal might be hard to swallow because we want to believe the government is here to look after us, in light of the evidence, his suggestion has far more credibility than the claim: “It is the fluoridation of reticulated water supplies that would be the single most effective practical and safe means of reducing dental decay in Whangarei.”


The article in The Northern Advocate can be viewed here and the Letters to the Editor regarding this matter published in the June the 4th edition, can be viewed here.

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1 Response to European Court Ruling On Water Fluoridation Has Implications For New Zealand’s Exporters

  1. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    The UN and it’s subsidaries like the WHO, etc have been hijacked by the elite globalists who use socialised medicine and chemicals as weaponised media to iatrogenically maime and kill the masses prematurely. Everything is done to raise free radicals and the toxic load while reducing antioxidants down to ineffective levels.
    Fluoride is just one of the numerous toxins that the masses are being exposed to.
    It is a very effective way to make a killing, wouldn’t you agree??

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