Major Legal UK Victory Against Aspartame Maker, Ajinomoto

OpEdNews Asda wins court fight over sweetener claim

[This is a serious and superb legal milestone affirming that a supermarket chain can describe artificial sweetener aspartame as “nasty,” if it wants to do so, based on customer responses, whether the corporate miscreant behind the manufacturing of this deadly poison wants to bludgeon critics into silence or not!]
Leeds-based supermarket chain Asda, owned by US megacorporation Walmart, has won its court battle with a Japanese food company which sued the supermarket chain for calling the artificial sweetener aspartame “nasty”.

Ajinomoto Sweeteners, a leading producer of aspartame, took action after Asda announced in 2007 that it would become the first supermarket in Britain to remove artificial colours and flavours from its own brand labels.

In publicity for its “Good for you” range, Asda promised: “No hidden nasties – no artificial colours or flavours, no aspartame and no hydrogenated fats.”

Ajinomoto accused Asda at the High Court in London of malicious falsehood and said it was trying to protect the reputation of its products. The firm, who have been given time to consider appealing, has a 45% share of the European aspartame market.

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This poster shows some of the vitamin supplements that you may find contain Aspartame in New Zealand.  Needless to state, you need to check the labels carefully before you buy anything.

Artwork by Brocke

Artwork by Brocke

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5 Responses to Major Legal UK Victory Against Aspartame Maker, Ajinomoto

  1. Mike Philbin says:

    Aspartame’s (again) an example of PROFIT over product. We must aim to feed our bodies with natural products. More and more it’s becoming obvious that we are what we eat, especially with manufactured POISONS. Asda’s right to advertise NO NASTIES for non-aspartame products – good on ’em.

    Now, let’s get that FLUORIDE banned from our water and (once again) teach our kids how to look after their teeth in a pro-active (rather than socially lazy) way. Diet and dental care are paramount.

    What am I, somebody’s dad? Yes. 🙂

  2. The Australian sugar manufacturer CSR has started putting Stevia in one of their sugar products called SmartSugar. Why in gods name we are still consuming aspartame as if it is a harmless additive is mind boggling! There are countless scientific and medical studies that prove that aspartame is a very dangerous neurotoxin that should NOT be consumed even in the smallest amounts. If the sugar industry is wising up and using Stevia it is surly a sign that the public are preferring a natural safe option. Industry NEVER changes unless it has to. If anyone reading this article is unfamiliar with the dangers of aspartame, do yourself a favour and Google “aspartame” + “neurotoxin”!!!

  3. Lorraine says:

    I was shocked to see the 1000mg Healtheries Vitamin C tablets contain aspartame. Is it in the whole range of their vitamin C tablets? I checked at the supermarket yesterday and it’s not listed.

  4. Clare Swinney says:

    It is in some of the products of many types, which is why I made the point that you need to take a close look at the label before you buy anything. I found some tablets that had it in and some of the same type and size that did not have it listed as an ingredient.
    The picture I took, which is shown in the ASPARTAME poster above, is of products I found that had “Aspartame” listed as an ingredient.
    I went to two supermarkets and The Warehouse in Whangarei and found Aspartame listed as an ingredient in some vitamin supplements in the three locations.
    It is catching people unaware. I received this via e-mail on the 5th of July from MC:
    “I myself was eating 3 500mg vitamin C tablets by the brand you mentioned in a totally naive move, when I eventually read the ingredients in detail I was in a furious rage as I had been suffering migraines for the period of time I had been eating them, and because of this I had upped my dose thinking that Vitamin C would help.
    They got a serious ear bashing of the most virulent kind, if I die of a stroke I now know what caused it.”

    Note that it is not just some of the Healtheries vitamin-supplement products that contain aspartame. Take a close look at Berrocca and Red Seal Effervescent Tablets labels too.
    Here is a list of more products in NZ that contain Aspartame:

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