NZ: Healtheries Vitamin C Tablets Contain Aspartame, A Known Poison

Look at the labels on Healtheries Vitamin C tablets before you buy any.

I went to a supermarket today and went through the Healtheries tablets range and found it stated on their Vitamin C  tablet bottle of the 1000mg size, that the artificial sweetener “Aspartame” was an ingredient.

Aspartame, also known as ‘951’ on diet drink bottles, is a product of genetic-engineering and a known poison associated with numerous ill-health effects, which should never have been approved for human consumption.

It has been found time and time again that aspartame-fed animals develop tumours, as  Victoria Inness-Brown demonstrated in an experiment she set up at home.   Mrs Inness-Brown, who has a Masters degree in mathematics, used 108 rats for 2 years and 8 months.  She began putting aspartame in the rats’ water in March 2002 and by the conclusion of the study  in November 2004, she was convinced that the artificial sweetener may one day cause illness or even early deaths in her family, who were addicted to aspartame-containing diet drinks.

Thirty-seven percent of the female rats who took aspartame developed tumours,  some of which were huge, as this picture shows.

Victoria Inness-Brown's Experimental Subjects

Victoria Inness-Brown's Experimental Subjects

For those who want more information about the health impacts of Aspartame, watch the excellent documentary, Sweet Misery- Living In A Poisoned World and read the evidence posted at this site: As you will discover, it is astounding that this compound has made its way into a Healtheries product.

Eat oranges and kiwifruit  as a healthy alternative to Aspartame-containing vitamin C supplements.sweet_misery_120


Products in New Zealand that contain Aspartame

Note that it is not just some of the Healtheries vitamin-supplement products that contain aspartame.  Take a close look at Berrocca and Red Seal Effervescent Tablets labels too.

Dr Russell Blaylock: Nutrition & Behavior, Aspartame and MSG

Hi Jeremy,
I noticed you posted an article from Sorcha Faal. That is a CIA disinformation “person” – it is a group of people that write disinfo.  I have been advised that via people on the prisonplanet forum and I also heard Dr Bill Deagle saying it recently.
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By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

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3 Responses to NZ: Healtheries Vitamin C Tablets Contain Aspartame, A Known Poison

  1. Clare Swinney says:

    A friend e-mailed this comment on the 5th of July:
    “I was at the Warehouse today and had a quick look at the Vit C tablets. I picked up Vit C and Echinacea, 500 mg and it had a full list of ingredients including aspartame. I noticed that the expiry date was sometime in 2010. (The date was under the bottle.)

    Then I looked at the rest of the bottles and the expiry date was 2011. None of these have the full ingredient list and do not mention aspartame.
    So it seems that the older batch was listing the aspartame and the new lot do not mention it nor give a full ingredient list.
    This makes me suspicious that they are probably still adding it, but not telling us. They probably are not required to list all ingredients. I could be wrong…

    If they are not required to list all the ingredient then who knows what else aspartame could be added to.”

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    This is a comment e-mailed to me on the 5th of July from MC:
    “I myself was eating 3 500mg vitamin C tablets by the brand you mentioned in a totally naive move, when I eventually read the ingredients in detail I was in a furious rage as I had been suffering migraines for the period of time I had been eating them, and because of this I had upped my dose thinking that Vitamin C would help.
    They got a serious ear bashing of the most virulent kind, if I die of a stroke I now know what caused it.”

  3. Rozsa says:

    Just checked my bottle of ‘red seal’ vitamin C 1,000mg…yup, sure enough Aspartame and also Acesulfame (what ever that is) is in the list of ingredients. My newly bought bottle is now in the bin!

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