Video: Mike Wallace Of 60 Minutes Addresses Issue Of The Neurological Disorders Caused By “Swine Flu” Vaccine Of 1976

In this 60 Minutes episode from 1979, Mike Wallace investigates the US government’s handling of the vaccination program in 1976 for the “swine flu” and the reasons damages were claimed by those who suffered from a form of neurological damage called Guillain-Barré syndrome, as a result of taking the shot,  a syndrome Gardasil has incidentally been linked to also.

In 1976, “swine flu” was said to have originated at Fort Dix army base, in New Jersey.  As Mike Wallace reports, hundreds of soldiers were infected without becoming seriously ill and their lab tests results revealed that they had the normal kind of flu that was going around that year.  However, a Private Lewis, who had been ill and died, and four others who were sick, were found by the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia to have had the “swine flu.”

Although only one person was reputed to have died from “swine flu”, President Gerald Ford ordered that every man, woman and child in the US be vaccinated and a deceptive TV advertising campaign then ensued.

As Mike Wallace reveals, although the government was aware of the possible neurological complications associated with the shot, the public was misled and told the vaccine was “safe.”  Says Wallace: “… 4ooo Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to $3.5 billion because of what happened when they took that shot.  By far the greatest number of claims – two-thirds of them are for neurological damage or even death, allegedly triggered by the flu shot.”

Here is the video, which is in two parts.  Read the transcript of this episode here.

Part I: Part II:

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One Response to Video: Mike Wallace Of 60 Minutes Addresses Issue Of The Neurological Disorders Caused By “Swine Flu” Vaccine Of 1976

  1. Heidi says:

    If you want to know about 9/11, watch “LooseChange2” – if it’s true (and it certainly seems that way to me) then George Bush and his cronies are out-and-out murderers, who brought about death and suffering to thousands of Americans so they could invoke the Patriots Act for their own purposes.
    Speaking of his cronies, we all know now of Rumsfeld’s association with, and Bush’s buying up of, his company’s vaccines. What sort of kickback did he receive, I wonder…
    On the Forum site of WDDTY (what doctors don’t tell you) there has been lots of lively debate about Swine Flu and Should I Vaccinate My Baby. Check out ‘Blobby’ Robin Allen’s proffered websites on the flu, ‘concentration’ camps waiting, Britain’s illegal loss of governmental power to the E.U. and other related topics.
    I have been feeding all flu information to Stephen McKernan (especially) in the NZ Ministry of Health and Sue Kedgley (Greens) with the warning that I’ve got copies to prove they were sent (and acknowledged) and that if our children start to die, it will not be from lack of information as to the dangers of this vaccine.
    I’m living in France at present and am doing my best to inform a very dubious people who believe totally in their medical system, god help them…..

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