NZ: Free Movie Screening & Forum in Wellington ‘The Fluoride Deception’

“The Fluoride Deception” and “Professional Perspectives” will be screened on Monday the 22nd of June at 7.30pm, at the Southern Cross Garden Bar, on Abel Smith Street in Wellington.   Guest speakers from Health Freedom NZ and The Fluoride Action Network will speak.

Greater Wellington uses two types of fluoride: Sodium silicofluoride (SSF) and Hydrofluorosilic acid (HFA), a liquid, is used at the Gear Island treatment plant. The quality standard required for SSF is 98.5% pure, of the other 1.5% the main contaminant is lead and may also include arsenic, aluminium and other heavy metals & solvents. Modern scientific evidence is now overwhelming that fluoridation of drinking water is harmful and there is no significant reduction in tooth decay, as has been alleged in the past 40 years. Over 2400 Professionals’ (including Doctors, Dentists and Scientists) have now moved to call for a worldwide ban on Fluoridation. Five percent of the world population is fluoridated of which over 50% live in North America; 99% of western continental Europe is not fluoridated for a variety of reasons. Many countries cite health, civil liberties or environmental concerns for rejecting, banning, or discontinuing artificial fluoridation. We are demanding an end to the pollution of our public water supplies.

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