NZ: Whangarei Residents are told it’s time to think again on fluoride

On Tuesday the 2nd of June, the front page of  The Northern Advocate ran the headline Whangarei residents are told…It’s time to think again on fluoride, which was misleadingly accompanied by a picture of a dentist. ‘Misleadingly’ because while fluoride works well as a bactericidal agent when applied topically – which is why it is deemed useful in toothpaste, when ingested in drinking water it appears to be of little use where reducing cavities is concerned.

Fluorosis Caused By Exposure to too much fluoride

Fluorosis Caused By Exposure to too much fluoride

On top of this, fluoride is also associated with numerous ill-health effects which is why you will find recommendations on sodium fluoride-containing toothpaste boxes including the likes of “ensure children spit and rinse afterwards.”  Indeed, it is so dangerous that a family-sized tube of fluoridated toothpaste contains enough of the poison to kill a 25-pound child.

Plus, there is also significant evidence to indicate that fluoride impairs brain function and lowers IQ.  In regard to this, it has been suggested by Dr Russell Blaylock that society is intentionally being chemically dumbed down as those of lower IQ will tend to be more dependent upon government for their decision making and more likely to believe what they are told.

Dr Russell Blaylock

Dr Russell Blaylock

While Dr Blaylock’s proposal might be hard to swallow because we want to believe the government is here to look after us, in light of the evidence, his suggestion has far more credibility than the claim: “It is the fluoridation of reticulated water supplies that would be the single most effective practical and safe means of reducing dental decay in Whangarei.”


The article in The Northern Advocate can be viewed here and the Letters to the Editor regarding this matter published in the June the 4th edition, can be viewed here.


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3 Responses to NZ: Whangarei Residents are told it’s time to think again on fluoride

  1. Brocke says:

    This is a very serious situation considering the fact that 300,000 litres of contaminated water containing 20 times the allowable limit of fluoride were pumped into up to 4000 Brisbane homes in May of this year.,23739,25483547-952,00.html

    Local Governments, dentists and water utilities are working in the dark when it comes to fluoride. They don’t have a clue how dangerous it is or how to properly dose the general populous, or if proper dosing is even possible. If an adult drinks 2 glasses of tap water a day and a young child drinks the same amount, how do you know when you have had too much?

    Most potentially toxic medication comes with detailed instructions and warnings, yet water just pours out of our taps and we have no way of know how much fluoride we are ingesting!

  2. lorraine says:

    This is really bad news for Whangarei residents. How anyone could think that drinking something could improve your teeth is beyond me.

    Maybe the residents of Whangarei should post an article with the title. It’s time Big Parma rethink poisoning our water supply.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    People have written to the newspaper since suggesting that fluoride tablets be distributed. Have their brains stopped functioning? In regard to one I wrote this:
    “The letter entitled “Be responsible” in the Advocate, May 18 was irresponsible as its author recommended a voucher be given to mothers for free fluoride tablets. Have people forgotten that fluoride is a poison? Why are there recommendations such as: “ensure children spit and rinse afterwards” on fluoride-containing toothpaste boxes? It is because while fluoride is a good bactericidal agent when applied topically – as in directly to the teeth, swallowing it is no good for one’s health.

    Studies have shown that swallowing fluoride at levels as low as 1 part per million has toxic effects on brain tissue, including damage to the hippocampus, increased uptake of aluminium and an accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland. More than 30 animal studies produced since 1992 have reported impairment in learning and memory processes among animals treated with fluoride. Human studies have shown that fluoride reduces the IQ.

    If people would like to have a dumbed down population who will believe anything they are told, which would certainly suit the government, why not go the whole hog and recommend distributing vouchers for free lead and mercury tablets too? ”

    Hopefully, they will pick up on the hint at the end.

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